Bespoke Dance University

Dr. David Outevsky has an impressive body of work as a performer, student, choreographer, and teacher. With a Ph.D. in Dance Science from the University of Toronto, he understands both sides of the dance equation with style and intelligence. The brand identity created for him captured the color and excitement of dance while positioning Dr. Outevsky as a Thought Leader.

Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education provides customized education in all aspects of dance (movement, science, and culture) to dance teachers, professors, interested students, and curious practitioners by synthesizing dance theory through training, courses, and educational programs. Combining his experience as a performer with his Ph.D. studies in anatomy, kinesthesis, and dance history, Dr. Outevsky’s Dance University offers a unique perspective on dance training, delivering functional research-based knowledge to enhance the health of dancers, increase the awareness of the historical roots of dance aesthetics, and strengthening the understanding of applied dance technique.