Remind your audience of what they love!

Stage 1:

Get started with a BRAND PREVIEW

We start by taking a fresh look at your Arts Marketing. What productions or events do you want to promote? Who is their target audience? What’s the best way to engage with them? What does your organization stand for? We’ll shine a light on your strengths, plug any holes, and set you up for success.

We’ll submit a soup-to-nuts plan for your Digital Transformation based on where you are now, where you want to be, and what new business and creative opportunities may await you that includes:

  • A Review the current state of Your Brand
  • Clearly defined your mission, messaging, and target audience
  • A Brand aligned with your Mission
  • Detailed recommendations for improving your online presence
  • A revised website outline
  • The benefits of refreshing your Brand
  • A list of deliverables

You can then choose to continue working with us or implement the plan yourself. If you decide to hire us, the cost of the Brand Preview will be applied to the next phase.

Introductory Price $1,000.00

Is a BRAND REVIEW right for you? Schedule a quick call here to see if we’re a good fit.

Stage 2:
Move on to a CLIX for TIX Campaign

If you want to continue working with us, select from one of our Clix for Tix Brand Transformation packages designed to meet your needs and budget.