There is an Art to Marketing the Arts

Whether you are picking up where you left off, presenting new work, or starting from scratch,  Arts, entertainment, and cultural organizations are again opening their doors. But how do you coax the audience out of their house and back into yours? How do you overcome their hesitation to gather together again for an afternoon or evening?

Maybe the trick is to remind them of what they are missing, the thrill of a live performance, a sublime experience, and the excitement of a new discovery.

Remind your audience of what they love about art.


How We Work

Our Clix for Tix no Drama Approach gets your new branding up quickly and painlessly so you can immediately start claiming your niche and driving new business! 

You Talkin’ to Me? (…and We’re Listening too.)
Marketing is a conversation, so we start with an in-depth interview where we ask you questions (and pay close attention to the answers) about what makes you different, the philosophy behind your art, and who your ideal audience is members.

Everybody Ought to Have a Plan
Using that info, we generate a comprehensive Brand Preview that allows you to dominate your niche and create a loyal community of followers, ticket buyers, and donors with recommendations for Branding, Positioning, Messaging, Website, and Social Media Content. You can implement the plan yourself or have us and our team of experts do it for you.

So Let it be Written, So Let it be Done.
Next comes the fun part. Depending on your needs, you can move on to one of our Clix for Tix Campaigns. Our team of experts designs, writes, and generally creates magic, presenting you with art and copy according to the recommendations made in the Plan. We take you through every aspect of your campaign, from Mood Board to Strategy Statement to Final Art and Copy, setting you up to be a smash hit!

The Reviews are Out…
Once your site is launched, we support it with Content, Search Engine Optimizations, and Social Media recommendations so you can make adjustments as needed, keeping your campaign fresh and relevant,

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